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Dmitry Elperin is a modern chef with a classic sensibility. His cuisine is Contemporary American yet is rooted in the culinary traditions of France and the Mediterranean. Dmitry conceives of each dish with reverence for every component, emphasizing the flavors of only the finest, hand-selected, seasonal ingredients available.

The Village Pub’s dedication to quality local ingredients has led to a partnership between The Village Pub and SMIP Ranch, a seventeen-acre farm located a few miles west of Woodside in the Santa Cruz Mountains. At the farm, organic produce is being cultivated from select heirloom seeds and harvested expressly for use at the restaurant. The farm project is a natural extension of Elperin’s approach to cooking. He chooses items of only the finest quality to create a menu that reflects the essence of each season.

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The Village Pub will be closed July 4th, 5th, and 6th due to the holiday weekend.


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